MEPITREE We are a designer and a thinker who always query about quality of life along with flameless modern habitats. We dare to think and dare to try even new technologies or innovations which significantly delight our dwellers and residences. With a passion in interior design, we constantly study and develop our team for 20 years. We have become a premium brand that has always been trusted by high-end customers.
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With passion and determination, we keep developing and polishing our knowledge, skill and updating architecture trend all the time. We do believe there are plenty of new ideas and knowledge happening all the time.
The value of classical art that has been descended over time brings to contemporary fine art’s knowledge and development of elegant mansions and balancing architectural designs. Verified and guaranteed by architects and structural engineers. Standardized and guaranteed structure in long term. Careful and supportive in any case of problems within the buildings
How to create a reasonable modern style while everything is ready to be modernized?
We challenge ourselves with the concept of complex multi-layers; smooth and matte, grooving and playing with the bounce of light, including the simulation of massive flowing. This design concept will be interesting in residential modern style at least 20-30 years from now on.
MEPITREE provides you advice, consulting, interior design service, building structures and systems for housing projects, office buildings, condominiums, resorts and hotels by a professional architect and decorator team. We select the newest technologies and innovative designs for our customers, and also, choose quality materials and create a unique style for your perfect design.
“Art of Living”
A perfect match of splendor and utility in the house responds to individual’s lifestyle which is different and diverse. With our premium materials, they are carefully selected, some are imported, and some are tailor made. Every piece of designed stuffs from us is considered to be the art of livings in practical uses.
“Everything can be controlled”
We are a leading specialist in design and manufacture of built-in furniture. We have our manufacturing factory to provide a function design, quality control, and one-stop service.

Thus, customers can rely on our production that will be precise in every element and exquisite in each detail, and delivered on time