MEPITREE provides you an advice, consulting, interior design service, building structures and systems for housing project, office building, condominium, resort and hotel. Our team consists of professional architects and decorators who have experience more than 25-year. We guarantee your satisfaction with our portfolio from a variety of housing and residential design projects throughout Bangkok and vicinity

Our Services

We are infatuated with modern classical architecture. We redevelop plenty of traditional buildings to be able to gloriously stand in digital city with a perfect combination; classical but friendly, technology but simply. Premium grade materials are used for our valued customers. Which is not only resist and suit for tropical region of Thailand but also easy to maintain and multi-functions for daily life. We maximize your life with minimal style.

The priority of our duties is to take care of customers’ requirements intimately. We need to ensure our valued customers with worthy results both of premium designs and quality of materials.

Exclusive @MEPITREE with VR Technology

VR 3D 360° Stereoscopic

We are the first company using VR 3D 360 STEREOSCOPIC Technology for interior design in Thailand. It simulates the places for our customers to visual our design and decoration before operating as 360 degree of dimension. It makes you feel like standing on the actually finished building.

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